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The "equal scoring" number of points, is a way of getting a rough idea of who would be where in a table of GP point scorers. Taking into account the different point scoring schemes that have existed over the years since its beginning in 1971. There have been 7 different schemes:-

1971 to 1973 mostly 2 races with overall top places scoring 15 12 10 8 6 5 4 3 2 1.

1974 to 1983 both races counted at the same rate 15 - 1.

1984 to 1991 it changed from 15 to 1 to the present day 20 to 1 15 places scoring.

1992 to 1993 gave 3 races same point allocation.

1994 to 2000 Then back to 20-1 over 2 races

2001 to 2001 we changed the points allowance to 25/20/16/13/11 then 10 to 1

2002 to 2005 with points 25,22,20,18,16 down to 1 and 20 scorers.

Realising that if you won all the races at a GP overall in 71 to 73 you got 15 points in 74 to 83 30 points 84 to 92 40 points 92 to 93 60 points 94 to 2000 40 points and 2001 to 2003 50 points a fairer way was needed. So I have scored all GP races as the top 10 scorers at 15 to 1 regardless of year as in 74 to 83. Where in 71 to 73 only one set of overall were given I have doubled them up.From 74 to 83 as scored. From 84 to 91 instead of 20 to 1 15 finishers scoring only top 10 at 15 to 1 rate and 92 and 93 only top 10 instead of 15 for all three races less 1/3rd points also at 15-1..94 to 2000 at 15-1 also 2001/2/3 15-1.

This way I believe gives a truer reflection on how good they were. I do have the individual race positions for the 1971 to 1973 races but to give them individually would give cause to certain crews appearing on the list who never got points. Reason being that you had to finish both races before you could be listed in top ten overall. I have listed every driver and passenger with this system of points and of course the "actual" points in two tables which adds interest. Also I have listed all individual records of POINT scorers. I can't be absolutely sure of all the chairmen used as newspapers differed and sometimes put down the regular partner when another stepped in due to injury etc. But from FIM (mostly) & foreign books and papers I believe I have it pretty close and am updating whenever info received giving proof. Please do so giving proof which will enable us all to keep the records straight.

Thank you.

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